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Sorry, guys, but I've got to. This place is next to dead, and with school I don't have a lot of time anymore. Sorry! Add me at paper_glasses if you'd like. It's been fun.

muah -Jess

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Stamped // Being Active



Sorry about the inactivity of late. I've been extremely busy and extremely comp-less at school, but it's vacation time now! Marshall and I broke up (two and a half years down the drain and lots of things that shouldn't be allowed to be taken back were taken back...) I dyed my hair red, so here's some new pics. X-posted.
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It's too bad that sexyhot is dead right now but we're auto accepting at a new comm I'm a mod in.


Check it out if interested.

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Did i miss something?
I feel really bad, like all the un-activity is my fault.
I know it's all not my fault, but some of it is.
one active member helps.

sorry guys and gals.


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REAL BITCH~ Homecoming Parade



Image Hosted by

Got pictures from the Homecoming Parade. Dance tonight so of course more photos. Mrs. Terrie did my make up. Her husband said "Damn if only I wasn't taken." Gotta love that man. Britt was just intrigued by my make up.

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this community seems dead... if it gets re-vamped someone promote to me :)
-ta ta for now-

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New Pictures



Here is my day with my friends Mindy & Lauren!!
We had so much going on.
Lots of drama!!!
~Mike Jones~I'm so FREAKIN hungry~Be easy~

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stepping down



Hey Sexyhotians. I'm stepping down as head-mod because this community is just plain DEAD. I didn't know it was in such bad shape when I told Ashli I would take over for her but I'm experienced enough in running communities to know that once a comm is pretty much inactive it's mighty hard to bring it back to its former glory.

If someone out there wants to be head-mod here please respond to this post since I really don't want this comm without a head-mod. I'm not going to be doing activities if nobody takes part or any other of those types of things. I posted several times to see if some members wanted to help out as Mods but nobody stepped forward so I guess that's that. The only thing I'll be doing from now on is voting and stamping anyone who actually applies here. I'll still keep maintainer privileges just in case someone steps forward and decides they want to run the comm and I can give the privileges to them also.

So, I'm sorry Ashli, but I'm really busy at college and I just don't have the time to put in the effort to make this comm active again.

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stamped //



took my senior pictures today, tell me what you think ya?

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Please check this out



We just finished recording our new EP "It all starts here..." and have some new songs up on our MySpace so please check them out and let me know what you think :-)



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MOD openings. Please apply



Only one mod has checked in so far to say that she is active (Mercedes) so I'm opening up all the rest of the MOD spots.

Here's what we have so far:

Head Mod/Members page: me
Mod (responsibilities to be defined): _mercedes_

Available Mod Positions:
Scavenger Hunt/Lyrics Hunt Mod-post the weekly scavenger hunt and lyrics hunt
Points Mod-keep track of and update members points. VERY important but don't apply if you don't have the time
Theme Mod-post the weekly theme

Anyone interested in a MOD position, please apply to this post. Explain what Mod job you want and how you feel that you're qualified for the job.


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I dyed my hair black..
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comments would be great.

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new theme



Theme: (September 9-23)
The new theme is "Back to School". Post pictures of your school friends, school activities, clothes or other things you got for the new year. ANYTHING.

PS-from now on scavenger hunts are going to be comprised of 5 items to make them less work. Lyrics contests will also be shortened. I'd like to do 5 lyrics also but until I see some people take part I'm going to make them 3 lyrics. Come on now, that's 20 points just for googling 3 lousy lyrics! That's simple.

Also, the member of the month will now get a paid 2 month account as a prize. I'll announce that soon but consider it started now. Since we're trying to get things active again in here the first period will be from today (9/10) through 10/31 so everyone should be able to earn a decent amount of points by then; even members who are accepted in the future.

ONLY ONE MOD (Mercedes) has responded back to say that they're still active. Consider all MOD spots open now except for Mercedes' spot. They're on the right sidebar of the main page. Please apply if you're interested but you MUST be willing to do some work.

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Ok well I'm not sure if this is allowed but since x rebecccaa x is computer retarded she asked me to post her pictures for her. And sorry if they're not that good, these are the only ones I have of her on my computer.
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Hey guys. I promoted this comm in another one that i'm in so i have to cross promote that comm here. Anyway, check out fierce_elite.

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x_rebecccaa_x has fixed her picture links so please vote on her APP HERE

Newly Accepted:


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New Activity, Weekly Caption Contest



Each Week a picture will be posted by a MOD. Post a funny caption to accompany the picture as a comment to the post. After 4 or 5 days, no further captions will be allowed for submission and Sexyhot members will vote on the winner in a different post. Simple, huh?

20 pts. for the winner and 5 pts. just for entering.

PS-comments will be screened.

Here's the photo for this week's Caption Contest. Have fun!!

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Sexyhot members please read



As Ashli just posted I've decided that I'm willing to try to take over as head mod since she's very busy with her first year of college. I'm in my first year of med school but I actually think I'll have time to mod sexyhot since I don't have to worry about playing volleyball anymore and all the time that took up when I was at Duke. So, I'm going to give it a try because sexyhot was my first LJ comm ever and it holds a special place in my heart.

So with that stuff out of the way, I have to say that I'M GOING TO NEED YOUR HELP! This comm used to be so active in the good old days and I'd like to try and restore some of the activity that it once had. We have an awesome layout courtesy of Ashli and some active members but we need more.

The first order of business is easy; WOULD ALL MEMBERS PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS POST WITH A COMMENT SAYING YOU'VE READ THIS AND YOU'RE STILL A (somewhat at least) ACTIVE MEMBER. I understand people are busy this time of year (as am I) but surely you guys can occasionally post to sexyhot.

Secondly, we need a few new mods. Would all currently listed mods please check in and tell me if you're still doing your job or not. If not, then you'll be replaced. Also, there are two open MOD spots. If you want to apply for them please do so but tell me your qualifications to be a mod. I can't run this comm by myself so I need some help guys.

Finally, our activities are woefully out of date. Whoever is assigned to post various activities please post a new one as soon as possible. "dramaqueen4657", I see you're assigned to do the lyrics/scavenger hunts. Could you please post new ones? I'll incorporate them into the info page and sidebars for the comm after they've been posted.

Once I see the status of the comm and how many people are active and how many mods are still willing to do their jobs then I'll be able to make decisions about what to do next with this comm. I'm thinking of adding new activities, changing the application a bit, adding member challenges and perhaps even awarding prizes for members of the month. This all depends on you guys though. Let's try and bring sexyhot back!!!

To show some good faith, can we all try and do a little promoting? Go to the "banners' page, pick one that you like, and try to promote to at least 3 communities or friends that allow promotion. If you can't manage that, then promote in "promotion comms". Just enter "promotion" as an "Interest" and you'll find a ton of comms that allow you to promote without joining.

That's all for now. I hope to see some response to this or I'm going to be disappointed because I'm not going to waste my time trying to run a dead community.

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Just to let you guys know: Steph is talking over the head mod spot, but I am still going to remain a member. Love you guys! <3<3<3

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